20 September 2011

Two In One Day

Last Friday was OD (Organizational Day) for hubby's unit. We all wore our new ugly shirts with our call signs on the sleeves ( Secret Squirrel, Household 6, Confidential Squirrel, FOUO Squirrel). We actually missed most of it...the boys were in school and by the time we got there it was pretty much over. That was fine with us....the boys enjoyed playing in the water and we enjoyed watching them play. :) I was trying to catch up last week after being gone for a week. I got my little books done for the Halloween Little Book Swap...I still need to take a photo. I've got 27 pages to make for the Christmas ABC Book Swap and goody bags for the PC Witches Tea. Behind, behind....that doesn't include needing to update my shop. I had a whole game plan for the shop and poof those plans are gone (I should've written down my ideas...that will teach me).
Oh well.....back to work. At least I can cross update blog off my to do list. :)

1 comment:

  1. Wanda all the girls loved your paper packs you sent! Mollie McCabe won the vintage books, and I drew names for the extra paper packs! You are so generous and it really made the goodie bag great! Thanks again. Hopefully next time you'll be here in person!!