03 July 2009

They made it

Clark called around 0900 yesterday to let me know they made it to NTC. We've been slowly adjusting to one less person in the house. I made a command decision today and we went to the commissary two days early. Now we can stay home all weekend and relax. :) We needed milk and I wasn't sure if the commisssary would be open tomorrow (it will be..oy..oh well). I'm determined to actually make dinners for us while he's away....we usually eat like collge students. The last two nights, the three of us have gone for a walk with Baccus. It wears the two autistic ones down well (that would be Billy and the dog). We've decided it will be a standing date. :) We've been picking up all the aluminum cans we see (Jr has finally realized...they are worth something). Don't worry, Pops.....we grab any coke bottle tops we see as well. Our housing area is pretty clean though. That is a good thing. I made a master list of what I want to accomplish this month and started working on it. It's not a long list, but the amount that needs to be made is daunting. :) I figure if I break it down and do a little bit a day...I should be good. On the swap front, I signed up for yet another SB swap...glutton for punishment. That is seven at last count. Plus, the one blog one that is due at the end of the month. Unfortunately, there is another whole week of SB swaps opening next week...I hope for my sake they suck. :) They probably won't though. Well, it osunds as if Billy is about to do something very, very bad.


  1. I'm glad you have a list to follow! And you must love swaps or you wouldn't do them! I'm sure you get great stuff!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Ok...pretty crazy. I am following blogs and I came upon one from the Netherlands...nice woman, name starts with "L" and I see this huge sash from a "Wanda" followed that and saw my little packages down at the bottom! I must connect with you at Silver Bella.

    I worked with autistic kids for about ten years, then was a school psychologist, then got real sick and had to retire early. Good years, but hard. I know working with isn't being a parent but I really felt your joys and sorrows.

    My gosh, I am panicking doing three swaps...you are a marvel!!! And hosting one...and running a store...I am impressed!!!

    Suz from SB