21 July 2009

Today was brought to you by the letter "T"

As in toaster, tantrums, and tired. It all started with the tired actually.....I was cleaning up my room again (an ongoing process that will last until we move). I got all my magazines pulled out, so that I can go through them. I cannot save magazines like a lot of you.....weight allowance. :) So I figured now is as good a time as any to drop some weight. :) I need to start reading my stockpile of books as well....so that I can send them to my sister. I started "French Women For All Seasons" this weekend and just couldn't finish it. I didn't mind the first book, but she just digs into America in this one. There is nothing wrong with Hershey Kisses (disclaimer...I own like two shares of Hershey stock..I, also, own a few shares of Nestle and Cadbury....had to cover all the public chocolate companies)....yes, European chocolate is good, too. I love France and most things French...just not her. So I will pass this book onto Wendy (so she can read it after she reads the first one.....I sent her that on years ago). I am now reading a delightful book about France, "My Life in France" by Julia Child. It is pretty good so far. I've had this one for awhile and had never read it...with "Julie & Julia" coming out soon...I figured why not?? I did read "Julie & Julia" (and sent it to Wendy...I'm using this blog post as a reminder to Wendy to check out her bookshelf for things to read).....it was okay...Julie got a tad annoying at times. I annoy easily. The food parts were much more interesting then her bitching and moaning. Back to today.....worked in the room. I was hungry and tried to toast some bread....my beloved toaster is dead. :( My sister bought me that back in college (92 to be exact) when we lived in a suite together. It has served us well and I had to by a new one pronto....autism boy doesn't understand "broken toaster" just "want waffles now". So I had the bright idea of going to the thrift store to see if they had one. Oy....not good....Billy did not enjoy that. Then we went to the PX.....a few more tantrums in the store and outside....argh....not a happy mommy. Very frustrating. I did manage to work on goody bag things for about 30 minutes. Some progress is better than no progress (which is where I've been for almost a week). It worked out that he went and hung out in his room today when we got back...okay, with the help of a new DVD (Word World). He did sit down and watch "101 Dalmatians" with me last night...two and half times. At first he didn't want to watch it at all...his beloved GPB was on. He woke up this morning and wanted "doggies"....so that was cool..he even yipped a little. We just got back from our walk....where he only pitched a fit at the beginning...he was trying to go into someone's carport and I wouldn't let him....I got a nice headbutt for that. He was good for the rest of the walk. Well, the boys have been fed and I get to eat...woohoo. Hopefully, I can knock out a few more things tonight. It all depends on how fast I can eat.....I think I shall snarf down my food in honor of Mirelle Guiliano. :)

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  1. What fun you have at your house!! I'll have to Read Julie & Julia, Sounds good! I love 101 Dalmatians too. It's one of my favorites!
    Hugs, Lisa