14 July 2009

Happy Bastille Day!!

I needed to find a reason to blog....the French are as good a reason as any. :) I really enjoyed the few small trips I took to France while living in Germany. Maybe I'll dig out some of those pictures, scan them in and post them. Last week just sucked me dry. I didn't get a whole lot accomplished on the artsy craftsy side of things....so I've been buckling down this week. I started my mini art quilts, I worked on one set of two Saint tags I'm making (I couldn't decide between St. Michael and St. Mark), I've got ideas brewing for the second saint and year of tags swap (I'm Miss December), and I've worked on goody bag materials....I've got some things done....shocked myself. :) The real problem is the three swaps I'm hosting....I had ideas, but as I hear what others are planning....I've got to rethink mine. :) I did sign up for a ninth SB swap. So here is the rundown: Mini Art Quilt, Year of Tags, Saint Tags, Sugar 'n' Spice ATC, New Year's Resolution ATC, Playing from A-Z art thing (I chose the letter "J" for Jr and James- Billy's middle name), Circus FatBook, Sweet Treat Charm Swap, and a bee project. The last three are my swaps I'm hosting. I'm bushed right now though....we just got back from our daily jaunt. Food and rest are the only things on my agenda for tonight.

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  1. Happy 15th of July Wanda, in your country that must be as good as the 14th, which I am too late for anyway! Food and rest? Food and rest? I was thinking you might be doing some preparations, just one...hehehe!

    Can I make a suggestion?
    Yes, thank you!

    I think you should make your list of blogs that are on the first page longer. I think you have that list up to 7 posts now. But your sidebar is soo much longer, now no one sees your photo of your Etsy store. You pointed that out to me a short time ago, that you did have photos, but in fact I never saw them before. I think you should make that list about 15 posts, so that it is about to end with you sidebar. Just play with the number of posts, then you'll see what I mean.

    Now you have something to do :-D!