01 July 2009

Busy, busy as a bee

We've been getting CLark ready for NTC all weekend. He was supposed to manifest last night amd we got there around 11:30 and found out his flight was cancelled and no one called him...argh. I was so pissed....poor Billy was so tired last night and we made him stay up. Argh...bastards. I actually got to clean up my office a little bit on Friday....I loaded up a big box of trims for my sister and her friend at work. I gave them a whole vintage suitcase worth, plus I cut some lace for my sister from the big boxes (the six boxes...three of fancy pants lingerie lace/three fancy pants non-boing boing) and from my personal stash of favorite trims. She will be set for life (or until I get another bug up my butt to destash). Don't worry about me.....I've still got plenty of trims. I've got the first set of cardstock cut (I had to buy a bigger trimmer) and if I can unearth the table I can start stamping on them....it's for the goody bags for SB. I'm hoping to knock out all the goody bag items while he's away and before school starts (early...the 7th of August). I'm planning on putting at least four different things in my goody bags and only one of the four items is ready to go. I've got parts of the second and third items done (200 is a big number and I have to do it in bits...plus, it's repetitive and boring at times). I do belive it is easier for those ladies whose shops sell the same things over and over again....they just count out said number of items and they are done. Since most of my items are vintage/thrifted...I don't always have 200 on hand and have to use what I have to make 200....does that make sense?? It will after I get back from SB..no sneak peeks. There is one thing they are getting that will be somewhat easy (just have to pick it out and decide on amount).....trims. My package to England made it okay....very happy about that and she liked what I sent...always a relief. I signed up for yet another SB Swap....oy...that is six now. :) There are still one more week of swaps next week as well.....oh, these Bellas are killing me. But it is so fun to try new things or different themes...okay, I can't bitch too much...three of those swaps are ones I'm hosting. I'm building up....practice in hosting....I really want to host one here someday. I think that is it for now...my brain is starting to slow down.....I think that calls for more caffeine. :) Have a great day!