23 June 2009

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth

We've just been really busy the last week or so. Clark has had the craziest hours at work (worked late most of last week and had to work on Saturday and Sunday). They have a rotation in the California sun soon....preparing for that has been Hell. Everyone is back from leave, so things should be better this week. He took off half of yesterday, so that I could go to the Post Office (didn't make it on Saturday). I saw him pull up and freaked...I wasn't ready, hadn't showered and was about to cry. I thought he'd only come home for a little bit to take me. Nope...I got to eat and shower. Very cool. I had a last minute brainstorm to try to help out two friends in the blogging world and had to put that together and get it in the mail to England asap. I have great respect for all those ladies who make us jealous with their stamping skills. It is so not as easy as it looks. :) I get to try it all over again soon. I commited myself to something and have to follow through.....I'll have more time and won't have to rush. Let's see...other things....my sister added a few things to her shop (www.wendyhue.etsy.com) but I had to nag her to death. I'm such a bitch. :) I sent a few things to her yesterday for the shop as well....using up some of that crafters crack left over from SB. No pictures....I told you yesterday sucked. She'll have some up soon enough. I signed up for two Silver Bella swaps (on top of the three I'm hosting....glutton for I don't know what)..a mini art quilt swap and an ATC swap. I think I can handle it.....it just means no blog swaps for awhile. :) Nobody better host anything good soon....save it for winter. :) I'm hoping to list some things this evening on Etsy....it's those patterns....my head hurts....you have to check and make sure all the pattern pieces are in the envelope. Okay, that isn't so bad.....it's the friggin re-folding that shit that kills me. Worse than trying to re-fold a map in a car while it's moving. I get car sick really easy. I've got high hopes for next month while Clark is away...I've got a list as long as my arm that I hope to accomplish. I figure the boys can graze all day.....I don't have to stop and make real meals. Actually, Jr has been helping out with Billy lately....with very little whining. They've actually hung out in Jr's room a couple times the last few days as well...very sweet. Well, the shop isn't going to get stocked by itself. :) I wish it would.


  1. So glad your boys are getting along! It's good kids like to eat and don't care where or what!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I love hearing all about Silver Bella and swaps---I will be missing it but I will definitely be checking out all of the blogs for the fun.....I finally blogged about our swap today.