06 June 2009

Well, my birthday sucked...

the day that is....things just went all kinds of wrong. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts....things are better now. :) Billy has been clingy, so I only get to work on things in bits and pieces....argh. Hey, he's autistic, what am I going to do?? Last night, we all jumped in the car and headed out for a little shopping. I need to back up....I talked to my Dad and my sister yesterday. Late is better than never (well, Winnie did facebook me for my birthday...don't worry I gave her hell). I even got a card from my Aunt & Uncle in PA. Sidetracked....derailed is more like it. When I was talking to Wendy....we solidified plans for my vendor tables at Silver Bella. We agreed on a theme and most of what we want it to look like. So armed with those thoughts.....we jumped in the car later that evening and went to Michaels to peruse and see what they had....some of it was in the seasonal section, so I went ahead and picked them up...on clearance (you all know where I'm coming from there....if it's on clearance one day....it will be gone the next time you are there). So, Alisa....for once I am ahead of the curve on this one and I'm dragging my help down with me. :) We went to Target (ended up with a raincheck for Weeds-Season 4...that is a funny as shit show...but I am way too cheap to get premium cable..it was a stretch for me to get cable). Then off to the world's shittiest B&N...they rarely have what I need...but they do have a great selection of Doctor Who DVDs for the boys...15% off coupons came this week). That brings me to today....earlier this week, Clark said he'd do whatever I wanted today (because my birthday was during the work week and we couldn't do anything). We went looking for treasures. :) Church sales, estate sales, a retired teacher sale, and a sale to make money to buy groceries for the elderly(best one and last one...who knows what I missed out on). :) I found a few things (understatement). One sale did chap my hide.....it was a church sale and it was you brought your pile up and pay what you think is fair. I was "guilted by God" to pay more than what I wanted....the lady had the gall to ask me "Is that all for everything you got?"...I counted when I got home....I ended up paying a little over $1 for every item....whether it was worth a dollar or not....that really irked me....the guy in front of me had a box of stuff and only paid $20 and she didn't say anything to him. Pissed me off. I know it's for charity and all, but you shouldn't be so lazy as to not price your goods and then guilt people into figuring out how much you want them to pay. F-up. Oh well.....it happened, it's done, I ranted, I'm good. :) I'm such a bitch.


  1. Hey I don't like being given the guilt trip or charged too much (happened once) and if you want more don't be lazy and price it!
    Sorry your birthday was hectic, that's never any fun! Glad you're over it!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry it turned out so yucky. And I agree - people should price their items! Just lazy if they don't!
    Thanks for entering my give-away! Good Luck to you!

  3. HaHa... good for you!

    Sorry your day sucked... but Happy Birthday (belated) Birthday!