14 June 2009

Happy 234th Birthday!!

Today is the U.S. Army's 234th birthday!! On a side note...it's also Flag Day! Got that out of the way. :) I've been busy the last few days....getting charms done...crap, I forgot to take a picture before I mailed them out. I was just so happy to be done with them and get them out of the house. They fought me every step of the way...argh. Silly goose, that I am...I offered to host a charm swap for Silver Bella...oy. Hopefully, that will go much smoother. :) Let's see other things that kept me from blogging...Billy....crazy kid...so cute though. We have spent some time out of the front stoop most days..I'll bring something out to read or work on and he'll climb his tree, swing on his hammock or muck about. He actually enjoyed playing with the watercolors I was using the other day.....he likes to make little cups of colored water. They had to be lined up in order everytime. :) Clark has been working late (which throws off dinner schedules and such). I had gathered up some items to take pictures for the shop...then I couldn't find the camera. Hopefully, I can talk Clark into helping me today. We hit the post office and one thrift store yesterday. The crazy mean dog lady was working (Dad....you might remember her)...she was her cheerful self again. I read a book "The Body In The Gallery" by Katherine Hall Page.....I love her books. Food and a mystery...can't get much better than that. I read her fourth book when I was at Pitt (before I transferred to Utah St...early 90s) and had to search for her first three and have been hooked. I think the one I just read was number 17. That book, "The Body In the Vestibule" was set in France....go figure why I picked it up. I got my 8x8 inch squares for Katherine (Pino's Pie Day) in the mail yesterday as well....I just added some trim to them...naked squares just seemed wrong. :) I still have a few projects left to work on (one PIF for Caitlin, one swap-not due til the end of July, things to order for babies...we've had two babies and one on the way in Clark's office..I'm usually the one responsible for taking care of such things and I've fallen behind...sucky army spouse award goes to me this year). I volunteered to hostess three SB swaps and make some things for the goody bags at SB. So after the few things on my list (which I've probably forgotten a few things) I need to really concentrate on SB. Plus, there are those two tables to fill for SB. I'm excited about our theme for the tables...Wendy and I will even be making some of the table decorations for it. I've seen the list of vendors this year and really need to step it up a notch. I need to make a list and hit Michaels before the end of the month....they are getting ready to go to NTC and I won't drive off post. I'm hoping to get loads of stuff knocked out while he's gone. I figure if I have it all here and ready..there really won't be any excuses not to get it done. Well, I need to go cut coupons and make a grocery list....like clockwork...it's Sunday and a grocery run is needed. I love food shopping. Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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