09 June 2009

Etsy Update

I finally added things to the shop. The color inspiration packs have been in there since the end of May (finally got around the posting about them here...one orange one sold..happy, happy). The other two pictures are of the Alice Inspiration Packs. I did one in red, black and white (Queen of Hearts) and the other in brighter colors (Mad Hatter's Tea Party). I listed some different paper packs as well.....vintage cook book pages, vintage recipe cards, and vintage childrens book pages. So if any of you are taking Rebecca's Hodge Podge Journal class at SB...you might be interested in those. There are a few more vintage jewelry items as well. Okay, enough etsy talk...I'm not used to promoting my shop on my blog. Oy.


  1. oohhh, aaaah kkkkkkekkkkkk .....

    (just got an overdosis on photos up here)

    Just kidding, good luck on selling Wanda!

  2. Oh my how lovely! I'm on buying restriction so I cannot buy but I will visit and hope something is left when my piggie bank is filled again!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. love your little kits! thanks for visiting!

  4. I hope you are bringing some of this yumminess to Bella. I signed up for the Bee's swap. It won't be Bella without a Wanda Swap. I need ideas...I just keep picturing a huge papermache bee. I don't think that is what you had in mind. Send ideas to your needy friend!!!!