26 July 2009

Oh, Insomnia....

joy of my youth. Not really...college tended to suck at times when you couldn't sleep. :) Well, the weekend went by rawther (ode to Eloise) quickly. Jr was a doll and watched Billy for me yesterday. I had to go to the post office and commissary and I just didn't feel like dealing with Billy. That worked out....the candy lady was taking some time off (Wendy the postwoman) . It was a tad lonely at the commissary, but I got things done a lot quicker. The cable was off all morning and part of the afternoon.....perfect reading time. I finished Julia's book....my she did quite a bit and what it took to get that first cookbook published...oy. I have two copies of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".....I plan on sending one to Wendy. I found one at a thrift store and the other at an Estate Sale. I, also, managed to find Simone Beck's cookbook. I plan on going through it....maybe try my hand at something...Clark will be home soon. A small miracle to me. Oy...this has been a rough month. I'm hoping things will go smoother once summer vacation is over.....a little under two weeks....happy, happy. That list for the eighth graders is down right scary. Those lists of supplies just get longer and longer every year. Billy just needs some new clothes. :) He has worn (and dirtied all his tshirts) and needs some more jeans (the only pants he'll wear). He wears jeans non-stop and freaks when you have to change them...the life of an autistic child. Quirks, quirks, quirks....he did have two taco shells of cheddar cheese for dinner. Someday, he'll maybe try the meat. He did come into the kitchen and saw the lettuce and had some "Cookie Monster-style"...it was too funny. That public broadcasting. We watched a show about the honeybees and Miss Marple tonight.....he fell asleep before the murderer was revealed (he missed the murderer last week, too). I washed dishes and cleaned up the livingroom before putting him to bed....he was quiet and in one place....I took advantage of it. Now....I am paying the price....stiff back and insomnia. Good thing there is no school tomorrow....I can sleep in. :)

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