18 July 2009

Oy and Vey

It was so cool.....Thursday night, Billy and I watched "Fiddler On The Roof" together. Okay, we watched 2 hours and 15 minutes of it...Billy was just too tired. If it had come on an hour earlier...he would have lasted the whole movie. His favorite parts were the musical numbers...whenever a song would end....he would turn to me and say "The End".....too cute. I've never seen the whole thing and will have to wait to see it. We stopped when the second eldest daughter was getting ready to ship off to Siberia to be with the man she loved. Oh, how romantic..cold as hell, but romantic. (insert a big sigh here) I was almost caught up on one part of the goody bag process and it all fell apart on Thursday.....I haven't worked on it since. It's good to take a break....recharge my batteries. I got a heavy box from my parents yesterday....I cut coupons for hours. I had to see if there were any I needed for the commissary trip we had to make last night. I only got two sandwich bags worth done...I try to leave my leftover coupons at the front of the commissary for others, but two workers were up front.....I only do it if no one is watching. We haven't done our walks the last two days...Thursday it was raining (which is fine to walk in if there is no thunder or lightening...the sky was ominous that night)...Billy played in his tree for a little bit. Yesterday, I was trying to get through those coupons for the shopping trip (I lost two and half hours talking to my parents and sister...oy) and made Jr take the dog for a quick walk. Our "walk" was the grocery shopping trip itself. Today looks beautiful, so we are all getting out of the house. I'd like to think it's making a difference, but my scale is jacked-up and so I can't tell if I've lost any weight. I'm horribly cheap and don't want to have to buy a new one. My sister and I made a pact to weigh ourselves every Monday morning for a few months.....trying to lose at least 25 lbs each. Since I can't weigh myself...I've been forgetting to ask her what she weighs. I really need to get back on that....she was actually starting to lose weight at last count. Well, I need coffee and want to read the paper. I hope you have a great weekend.....I'll be picking up paer scraps this afternoon (I'm a messy coupon cutter). :)