28 July 2009

The post with borrowed photos and a giveaway

I got fun things in the mail yesterday. I ordered these adorable squirrels for the S-2 shop for my husband (I always get to find the things for weddings/births) . We've had three babies born and no happy baby present given yet...I've been slacking. What really blows..there are three more babies that will be born in the next eight months....argh. I've got it covered....she is working on more squirrels. I wanted something more than the usual baby clothes/diapers. I wanted something special that the families could hold on to from duty station to duty station. I got these (and the photo) from http://www.mykobocek.etsy.com/ She makes the sweetest animals. She is so easy to work with as well. The other two pictures (I borrowed from Michelle of Fairie Dust Dreams and my sister). The first photo is what I made for the "Things with Wings" Charm Swap....I forgot to get pictures before I mailed them off and she took pictures as things came in. She is a great hostess. Well, she mailed everyone their charms last week....I got mine yesterday. They are similiar to what Wendy has in her photo...there are slight differences. Well, there were two dropouts, so we got our two extra charms back. So I am having an impromptu giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post if you'd like a chance to win one. The bird/flower combos on the extra charms are as follows: green bird/blue flower and purple bird/red flower. I will pick two winners on the 7th of August (that is the first day of school here.....a happy day to celebrate and it is also the day I opened my Etsy shop a year ago). Good luck!
P.S. I dropped the prices on a bunch of stuff in the shop.


  1. Those are really adorable squirrels and I am sure the new mothers will love them.

  2. A giveaway! Yes, you know that I cannot resist that! I love the squirrels, too bad I am not expecting a baby, nor will I in the next 80 years :-(
    Will you put the charms on a bracelet? I am always curious, you know that! Have a lovely day!

  3. Great birth gift, we had a new nephew this morning, I'm sure he'd have preferred a squirrel to a hat and a bib and a bird! xx

  4. What cute birdie charms! Would love to enter your giveaway.

    Irma :)

  5. I'm amazed that someone is able to craft such adorable animals.
    Put my name in the hat for the charms.
    Carol R