08 August 2009

Clark is home

Clark got home on Sunday night and has a few days off. So we ran around on Monday, getting school supplies and looking for crafting supplies that don't exist. He had a dental appointment on Tuesday...so we lost most of that day. Wednesday- I decided we were going someplace as a family (since the boys had no real "vacation" during their summer vacation (Clark had to work a lot during June). I decided on a wild animal park in Albany, Ga. It was small and they and a playground. It was nice (minus the one really obnoxious family). Billy even named some of the animals. He had a good time and he didn't have any blow-ups. We ate at the park. On the way home, we stopped at Mark's Melon Patch (a roadside stand operation) and perused the goods. Billy enjoyed the free samples of watermelon (okay, he didn't really like yellow watermelon)....so much that he went back for another one. Clark took a few pictures, but hasn't downloaded off his camera. Thursday, Clark took Jr to work with him (hee hee). That leaves yesterday...it was the first day of school for the boys. It was so quiet in the house. Billy has preschool in the mornings now. I didn't get much accomplished....I flitted from one thing to the next. I guess if I had been able to find the things I needed on Monday...I could've got some real work done. :) Finally, the winners are........(chosen by hubby)...Jenny and Elizabeth. As soon as I figure out where I hid them from Billy..they will be in the mail. :) I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats to the winners. I knew I wouldn't stand a chance if your husband was going to make the pick, I wouldn't have made him into Clarkez almost a year ago. Have a fun weekend!

    ps. I'm only joking....:-D

  2. Wanda
    I am so sorry about the package and not keeping in touch. Everytime I think I have a few bucks its something else. One my classes resume I should have some cash to get the package in the mail! Seriously it has been in my family room a whole year, that is so sad, I feel like a heal! I checked it this weekend and everything is fine. I had forgotten about the Autism in your home. My son at 23 has had some bad days on and off and I just can't get him the help he needs. He is high functioning and was working but has been laid off 3 months and doesn't know what to do with himself, he has no friends. I feel really sad for him. Its such a challenging journey and so often you feel isolated from the world when you have kids with Autism, no one understands them or our trials as a parent. I wish you the best, I am here and will work on keeping in touch my deepest apologizes for all the promises i haven't fulfilled. Love,Lori