26 August 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Kaari Meng mentioned this on her blog yesterday and I had to go click on it. My husband has been to Iraq twice and loves the people of that country....here is another way to help crafters a world away...very cool. Go to www.ibol.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/iraqi-bundles-of-love-the-intro/ to read about the program. Go to www.ibol.wordpress.com/building-a-bundle/ to read how to put one together. If you want to participate...all you do is leave a comment anywhere on his blog and he'll email you his address. I am awaiting an email with his address...I hope it comes soon, he'd like all the packages to go out NLT 7 September. I know it isn't much time, but I know how you girls hoard til the cows come home. I think it is a perfect way to use that stash (even if you aren't the one using it).


  1. Great that you are spreading the word Wanda. I had read it too, but done nothing YET, so I just needed this kick in the ... thanks!