11 June 2008

Working hard or hardly working

It has been going both ways the last few days. I'll have spurts where I'll work on things and then moments where I get discouraged and stop everything. The pendants have kicked my butt a little. It is probably because of the idea I chose. It was inspired by some pictures of things done by people who had taken a class by Nina Bagley. It has a lot of detail work that I'm not quite used to doing. Like many of you, I'm making an extra one for Heather (for hostessing) and I've got one as the prototype..so that is eight of the little mothers....oy. The other problem is that they are small....less than 2x2 inches....I've got shaky hands to start with and add to that the small work surface and the detail work...argh. Why didn't I just wire some shells and beads together??? It worked out splendidly for some of the other ladies...there is a Flickr group for us. Enough whining. Some of the ladies from the giveaway have gotten their consolation prizes. Two of my swap partners received their boxes (Object of Mayaffection and Pink Faded Roses).....go check out their blogs to see their loot. I usually don't take pictures of what I send....I'm always tempted to post them before they arrive and I hate to ruin the surprise. My other swap partners should be getting their items in the mail any day now (Liz doesn't have a blog, but her two toadstools are posted on the Flickr site under MayMouse1 or the Toadstool Swap group). Melissa (Helles Belles) might not post hers for a little bit...vacation time coming up for her. Katherine Dunn over at http://donkey-dreams.blogspot.com/ could still use some aprons....you have until the 20th of this month. That is also the day Lori of Pink Faded Roses needs tags for her son Marc's party. So if you are feeling crafty or have an excess of aprons...send them. Can you also keep Rhonda (Rhondamum), Karen (Popsicles and Lollipops), and Lori (Pink Faded Roses) in your prayers, please....there is a lot of sadness and pain going around and they could all use your best wishes. I'm torn now....work on my pendants or sit on my ass and read...what to do...what to do. Maybe I'll call my sister instead.


  1. Hi Wanda! I just received my little gift from the Cottage giveaway. Thank you so much. When I opened my mailbox and saw a package I could not imagine what this could be. Had I ordered something and forgotten? Then to pull out all the little goodies was a bit like Christmas morning! To get an unexpected gift is so fun, and such a sweet gift. I especially loved my d w. I'm so vain! Again, thank you for being so sweet, it truely was a treat!
    Debbie from homewithhospitality@yahoo.com

  2. Hi Wanda!

    I received my tag kit in the mail today. What a sweetheart you are, so kind and thoughtful it brought tears to my eyes. And my CA ... how did you know I like sparkles? That is really spooky. :) Everything was spectacular and I can't wait to make something special. Thank you so much for brightening an old lady's day. xxoo

  3. The award for "You made my day" goes to.....WANDA!

    I was just thrilled. It looks like a whole lot of fun awaits. It makes me almost sad that I am leaving for the airport in a few hours. When I get back next week I will be mailing you a sweet little package. Because one good turn deserves another. May I also have permission to blog about what you sent?

  4. Again, you amaze me Wanda! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog. My mom meets with the surgeon today so I should know something soon. You are a dear gal and I am so glad to have met you!


  5. Hi, Wanda! Your wonderful tag kit arrived in my mailbox today! So many cute things; thanks for thinking of me! I love how you advertise so many swaps on your blog.