18 June 2008

My pendants are done

I finished up my pendants today after Billy left for school. Each person is actually getting two pendants. Booklaces are made up of different "pages", so I had most of the pages done and didn't want to waste them. I had to make jump rings for 14 "pages" this morning...they are a little loppy-jawed....at least you can tell they were handmade. :) I just need to finish wrapping them up....that reminds me I need to make little tags, so they know who they came from...(sigh of relief for remembering before wrapping). I'll have hubby take a photo for me in a little bit, so that I can post it on the Flickr site (and here). Usually I don't like to post things ahead of time, but since this is a swap where you have no idea who is getting your pendants....I might as well. I still don't know who got my collage or my screens from prior swaps. I did see one of my sister's screens on someone's blog. Speaking of her.....she went and joined a swap all by herself...no prodding by me. A new swap whore in the making. :) I didn't organize at all today (she said defiantly). I did start on a little something in the creative department....actually I started two things..I forgot about the other thing..typical of me. So even though the happy place is still a dive, I did get my craft on today.


  1. Can't wait to see the pendants. Thanks or military wife love on my blog!! We have to remind each other that we really can do this, over and over and over....

  2. Wanda, I'm anxious to see your pendants, also! Thanks for dropping in on my blog...it's nice to *hear* from you!

  3. Wanda,
    I can't wait to see pictures of the pendants. I have all of your lovely things sitting on my counter waiting to be photographed and blogged about. I have a houseguest arriving today so am thinking this will happen next week.
    Of course right next to it is your package that needs to be mailed. Sigh~ I wish I could craft and swap all the time, but dirty dishes await. :)