09 June 2008

Change of partner

I got an email from my partner in the "Summer Re-gift" Swap this morning...the swap had an odd number of participants, so she had two partners...myself and another lady. Well, a last minute lady asked to join and now we are partners. Susana of Slovenia (originally of Spain). I don't know if she has a blog. I hope so. This is going to be really fun...I was excited before, but this is even better. I got a package in the mail from my partner in the "Thrifted, Gifted, and Made" Swap..Marilyn loved what I sent her and she asked if she could send me a little something as a thank you. She sent me a old canning jar full of buttons and some fabric she had laying around (she's a quilter). She spoiled me. That was so nice of her. Today is definitely looking up. It was kind of blah until then. I did work on a prototype for part of my pendant...it took me three times to get it right...so frustrating. I think things should start to go smoother now. That one part will probably be the hardest. I know it's the middle of the afternoon and it is hotter than heck outside this is Georgia), but I want some more coffee....I need some more coffee. The air conditioner is on and now I'm not freezing..I'm cheap and it's set for a smidge below 80 degrees.


  1. WOW! You are the swapping queen! I just did my first online drawing, and am also doing the Favorite Things swap this month. That may be all I can handle as a newbie! Oh! I'm also doing a recipe book scrapping swap. That's 10 pages. EEK!

  2. All that swapping, girl!! I think I better get a little more comfortable blogging before I get addicated to something else. :)
    You said you guys were Army, Chief is Navy, but I am a paralegal for the Army.