12 June 2008

Change of plans

After assembling one of the said pendants...I've come to the conclusion it is too much. I wanted to make booklaces and couldn't find mica and I didn't feel like ordering some (just in case it didn't come in on time), so I made different pages using different materials. Blah...hey, there is a silver lining in with all that copper. One of the pages I assembled....it was a last minute page idea....worked out pretty well and I'm going to use that...I do need to tweak it a little and I'll be doing that today...woohoo, out come the pliers. So I am no longer blah about the pendants and most of the work is already done. :) I may even put them on chains, because I am so happy and relieved. I do have 15 tags and a package to Slovenia to work on. Good times, good times.


  1. Hello Wanda,
    thank you so much for the little package of goodies.

  2. Hey Wanda... it's much easier leaving messages over her at blogger... although I did sign up over at your other blog site... but for the live of me I can't remember who the hell I am over there.

    so..... I just read you are a freak about Top Chef and Project Runway... so I have to ask... didn't you just love Chris March from last season????

    Happy Friday.... I'm plotting ways I can torment my son today (of course in a good, motherly way)