01 June 2008

Rabbit, Rabbit

I read somewhere that you should say that first thing in the morning on the first day of each new month....that's what I get for reading too much. :) Oh..the real reason you are here....and the winner is....well, I put all the names into one of my many vintage purses and had the HOH (SFC Clark) pick a name. Rhondamum is the winner (I need you to email me...I tried the one I pulled off your site and was given a delivery failure notice). Congratulations. The rest of you are in luck....this is a kick ass month (birthday and anniversary)...so I'm going to send a little something to each lady who signed up for my very first giveaway. Since I know you will all be checking back to see who won...email your addresses and I will get a little surprise off in the mail to you. Thank you again.


  1. How fun! So sweet of you to do this. I'm going to email you now with my address.


  2. WOW, what a sweet thing to do...
    I will e-mail my addy

  3. Wow, was thinking of the "rabbit, rabbit" when I noticed my name. I am so excited! Thank you so much! Rlsecrist@aol.com

    I like your sense of humor and glad I found your blog. Happy early birthday and anniversary! I hope they are both awesome!

    Have a great day and I hope to chat soon!


  4. How sweet.... I'll email my address.

  5. That is such a super sweet thing to do by sending a goodie to everyone!! I know everyone will be thrilled with the kind gesture. It's been fun to discover your blog and all the others through this giveaway. Have a great birthday and anniversary month!!!


  6. Rabbit, rabbit!! Thanks!

  7. I read so many blogs too, so I'm right there with you. What a sweet thing for you to do. I feel like we are all winners in your giveaway. Have a great Birthday and Anniversary. You rock!

    Rabbit, rabbit. xxoo

  8. My family "Rabbit, Rabbits" every month. Sometimes we get up early and call each other because you have to be the first one to say it!
    Thanks again for having a little giveaway for everyone. Happy B-Day and Anniversary!

  9. Very nice of you.