17 June 2008

It's my anniversary and all I did was work

After I finally got Billy on the bus (they were 15 minutes late), I came back in and built two chrome shelves for my happy place. One is in the closet and now holds all my fabric. The other is up against the wall and is holding a variety of containers full of all sorts of stuff. I can almost use the library table. I'm so impatient....I want it done now. I did some laundry....I got a bunch of old linens in Birmingham and this weekend and finally got them washed, dried and folded. I put them all in one of the empty fabric boxes for now. Most of them are cutters. I can't wait to repurpose them into something. No crafting, just organizing. Boohoo.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you.

    Hmmmmmm... does your hubby put on that Star Wars outfit... and have his way with you??????

    Inquiring minds... need to know all the details... and I mean alllllllllll of them.

  2. Happy Anniversary! How many years has it been?

    I can relate to the work... my home is WAY behind in that department and if I don't do it, it doesn't get done! Yuck!

    Just remember to always take a little time for you, and to take care of you!


  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    and I'm tagging you. See my blog for the questions.

  4. happy anniversary! you should post some pics of your new organizing items! i'd love to see them!

    i got my tag kit today and i'm super excited! thank you so much! you are such a sweetheart!