16 June 2008

Creative block

Also known as messy work room. It is driving me nuts. So I worked on it a little today. I actually put things away that I've been done with for at least a week. I got two new shelves tonight at Target. One will go in the closet....I'm tired of lugging out boxes of fabric just to get to one and then having to put all the big boxes back in the closet....pain in the ass. I'm thinking of taking all the fabric out of the boxes and placing it on the shelves. I think I'd use more of it up if I could see it on a regular basis. The other shelf will hold all the containers residing on my library table (which I'd love to actually work on...instead of the floor) and the floor. Just after purchasing the shelves I feel a lot better. Maybe now I can actually finish my pendants and start on my tags. Speaking of tags I ordered some from Rhonda's (Rhondamum) Mother's Etsy store and they arrived today. She actually paper presses the shells she puts on them....they look so realistic. She has more at her store...check it out. I bought a few things from Rhonda's Etsy store as well.....I like to get things that I can split with my sister. She has the neatest tags and tickets....different colors and she stamps all sorts of neat things on them. She also has a couple different language cards...you've seen them all over the blogs. They are so cute and educational. I got the French and German ones. There are so many neat things available on Etsy. Why try to bust your ass making some of these things when there are ladies out there who can do it for you. :)


  1. i have that problem a lot but you seem to be much more productive than i am! it drives my husband crazy. i wanted to let you know that i blogged about the goodies you sent me today. i really do appreciate your gift and thoughtfulness. have a great week.


  2. I just went thru the block thing maybe it is collective?
    Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

  3. I think it is a good idea to put your fabric on the shelves because you WILL use more.

    Don't feel bad, I could hardly walk in my "studio" the other day. Had to take some time to clean up so I could finish up. I am behind in everything right now.

    Thank you for you kind words about my shop, and my mom's. You were her first buyer and I am so happy to hear that you liked her tags. She put a lot of work into them, glad they are appreciated!

    You are the best!