08 June 2008

"Weeds", Season Three

We were bad and watched all of Season Three of "Weeds". We did take a break and got the grocery shopping done. :) I got my partner for the "Summer Re-gift" Swap...her name is Melba. She does quite a bit for a stay at home mother of two. She has this site http://www.bealivebelievebeyou.com/ ,she she also facilitates http://www.justbeconnected.com/ , she recently wrote a book, has an Etsy store, and loads of other things. Damn...I'm lucky I get up and take care of the kids. :) At least for this swap....I get to shop in my house. Yesterday, after we mailed a butt load of envelopes and three packages (on eprize and two swaps), we hit Hobby Lobby, Micheals, Target, and B&N. Oy. I was tired. I think I can start my pendants (there are gals out there who are done already..argh..over achievers..make us all look bad). :) I have an idea of what I'm going to do for the tag swap....a couple of the ladies have already made contact...they are really nice...Kim Hesson and Kim Caldwell. Sherry seems really nice as well. The ladies in the swap are impressive and I hope I don't make them all look bad for letting me in. Well, dinner is waiting.

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