03 June 2008

Spent most of the morning slaving away

In a good way....I worked on the surprises for my giveaway ladies. I only need eight ladies to email me their addresses: Mandy, Deborah, Tonya, Dolls 123, Gayla, KatyLin, Kath, and Vicki. They are almost ready to pack up. Mailing Day for me is usually Saturday...we only have one car and the working member of the family needs it more than me. :) I'm used to having it all to myself...no deployments in sight though. So Saturdays it is. I have two swaps and a prize to get out as well. I did get soem happy mail today. My screens from Karla and Beth arrived today. I got screens from LaVerne Johnson (http://www.riversidestudios.blogspot.com/ ), Kathy Lowry (http://countrychintz.blogspot.com/), Melissa Burford (http://www.melissaburford.typepad.com/), and Nancy Reeb (http://mycraftylittlepage.blogspot.com/). I'll see if hubbie will take some photos for me. I ordered three Japanese craft books off of Etsy...they are so cute. I can't wait to try to make something...felt food books. I love fake food. Well, my hands need a break from all the cutting I've done the last two days....that's the only hint you gals are getting. :)

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  1. THanks for stopping by and entering my blog givaway. I hope you win, I am drawing this month.

    Those pages here on your blog are gorgeous. Is that a swap that you did?