25 June 2008

Tags, tags, tags

Fifteen of them to be exact. I've been working on my tags for the Good Ole Summertime Swap. I'm almost done. I came up with something for the back side and just need to photocopy some things, cut them up, fold them, glue on the last little bit, and add some ribbon. I had agoodtime making them....this is only the second tag swap I've done. I wanted to redeem myself...I did Karla's St. Patrick's Day tag swap....the pictures are on my other blog. They were so simple and plain jane. My pendants are going to be mailed today....cutting it close, I know. The car troubles just threw us all. Heather (aka swap goddess for hosting the Hippity Hop Easter Swap) is hosting a one for one card swap. Just head to her blog for details..... www.boobyfish.blogspot.com/ . I haven't decided if I'm going to attempt that one or not. I've never made cards before and the challenge of doing so is tempting. We shall see...I want to see how my tags turn out and I am working on some other things as well.


  1. Can't wait to see some pics of your tags.

  2. I felt the same way the very first time I participated in a swap. I opened up my package and thought, "Oh no, mine don't even come close to how wonderful these are!" It just takes time to build up the experience and to learn different techniques. In fact, I think that's one of the original reasons swaps were created years back. Anyway, I'm sure your tags are going to be perfect, and I can't wait to see them!!! Enjoy the process! :-)