29 January 2009

Help Save the Toys!!

Jenni of Allsorts had a great post yesterday about CPSIA. It's the new law that starts on the 10th of February. She links to another great post by SarahJaneStudios (http://sarahjanestudios.com/blog/index.php/2009/01/28/raise-your-voice-for-change/ ) This law will impact those of us who sell vintage childrens' goods as well. If you like buying vintage childrens' books, you just may be screwed. Go check out these two blog posts...they said it very well.


  1. i read this a couple of weeks ago on Vintage Indie and went right to the sight to sign the petition. Our government seems a little too busy lately. I worked in the toy industry last year--dealt with a lot of recalls--but this is ridiculous!!!!!They just need to still be a watchdog for good laws already in place--not create new ones. We need to see more made in the USA not less!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Wanda!
    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Your blog is cute! Glad we are blog pals!