27 January 2009

That book sucked

I was very disappointed with "The Last Templar". I'm glad I didn't get to see the mini-series. I had promised the boys we would watch Billy's new Veggie Tales DVD (Big River Rescue) and we did...Billy liked it so much that we watched it all night....over and over again....argh. :) Much better than the "Wizard of Has"...that was a disappointing VeggieTales. In between reading sucky books, watching silly vegetables, chores and such...I got some crafting done. I had a huge block when it came to my matchboxes....not anymore...they are done and are getting filled with goodies. I did have to start over on one project for another swap....I smudged black ink on a pale pink and white polka-dotted background. So frustrating. I ended up using my last piece of paper....the second heart....while adhering the paper to the cardboard heart...the paper got messed up. Third time was a charm. I still have to finish cutting out the new design for the center and attaching it.....different adhesive this time. I think I'll try to collage over the messed up heart (#2). I'm still figuring out the camera, so no pictures yet. Well, I've got more things to dig through to fill out swaps. :)


  1. I was so happy to hear you have a digital camera. I hope this means we get to see pictures of all the great swaps you are in. Sounds like the matchbox swap is fun--I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find the right size box and I would be obligated--not the feeling I am after....looking forward to seeing pictures!

  2. It sounds like fun!! I know what you mean about making a boo boo and trying to make something out of it. You will have to show us your little boxes when you're done!