07 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad...I'm a single parent again.

I just got back a little bit ago from dropping Clark off at work. He is going TDY for about a month....woohoo.....he has been home way too long. Almost a year...oy....he almost broke our record....cutting it close. The record to this point has been eleven months home with no TDY, deployments, schools, or the like....for the 13 1/2 years we've been married. He got home from Iraq on 21 Jan 2008 and he was cutting it close to the one year mark....what the hell is wrong with him? :) He was as happy to go as I was to see him leave.....he has been home way too long...he was up my ass and not in a good way. :) Freedom, sweet freedom. I am so bad. That is the first time since we got to Fort Benning that I have driven for more than across a parking lot. I hate to drive. I've got to do what I did in Birmingham....just do it. I can't get to any thrift stores unless I do.....oh, wait....there is the Post Thrift Shop with the funky hours....I can get there.....I have to...you pass it to get to the Post Office....since I have an online store...that matters. :) Unfortunately, I've had the worst headache most of today and it doesn't seem to want to go away. Aspirin would be a good thing. :) Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

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  1. My hubby is a veteran but Vietnam era, so what is the term TDY mean? This will give you lots of time to work on your quilt blocks! Right??