10 January 2009

Successful trip to the post office

Billy and I made it back in one piece. :) I opted to walk to the PX for my prescription refill yesterday. So this was the first time since we took Clark his thing he forgot that I've driven the car. Oy...that walk yesterday....kicked my ass. I used to be the walking fool. I'm so out of shape. I looked around the PX after I got my happy pills. Just about everything on my list wasn't available...argh. I had all sorts of ideas running around my head the last few days and I was blocked at every attempt. I did find something on my walk yesterday.....I moved a rock from out of the road and found a 1 Euro coin...only on military installations. :) That was way better than a penny and worth more too. I'm debating whether to attempt anything artsy-crafty today...the boys are home. That is one of my goals this year...create more. It's a short goal list...over-achieving is not on there. :)

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! :) I want to make all of the Chinese New Year animals for next year. Here's hopin! :)