24 January 2009

I've got my own digital camera!!!

Of course, the weather was horribly dreary today...figures. :) But I've got my own camera....ahhhhh...I'm screeching with happiness. I'm so excited. I guess I should plug in the battery charger and charge the battery. I've been working on swap projects the last few days. I've decided to make more than I just give this year. If that makes sense. Normally, I would join the swaps where you give supplies and such...easy peasy for me and my loads of goodies. I decided to try and join more swaps this year where I have to make things. I've actually really enjoyed it....I'm usually so worried that my partners won't like anything I make, so I avoid doing it. Not this year.....I'm creating...darn it. Don't worry...I'll still join the giveaway supply swaps as well.....I have way too much stuff not to. :) So I saw an ad for a tv miniseries tomorrow night...based on the book "The Last Templar"....it reminded me that I have owned that book for over a year now and haven't read it. I started it yesterday and have been reading on and off all day (between my motherly and shop keeper duties). It isn't too bad...the main female character is getting on my nerves and I want to beat her. She is a tad annoying. I'm hoping to finish it before tomorrow night (so I can watch the miniseries and pick it apart). :) Clark is due back at the end of the week.....good...his dog hates me. Yes, Baccus is his dog this week....he smooshed my fingers, hurt my ankle and gouged the back of my leg. Not a good dog week....I still love him, but I don't think he loves me. He is awful strong and it was so cold this week, so taking him to do his business was hard...until I finally found my missing mittens (both pairs...they were together)...it makes a world of difference to the hands. Now if I could find my favorite scarf (we got it in Augsburg, GE) I'd be set...watch the weather will warm up now that I said that. :) Oy. Back to the book...don't worry I won't tell you what happens.


  1. Hey Wanda! Congrats on your new camera! Does it work ;-D???

  2. OMG... you make me laugh! Sorry, I know it's at your expense.

    Good for you about doing more creating swaps. I'm still getting compliments on the MA box you made me.