01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope your day was lovely. My parents left today to go home. It was a nice visit (even though my poor Mom got really sick) and they had a grand time with the kids in Florida. I was busy working getting more things listed in the shop....I just hit 100 items.....I've been working towards that listing all day. I did have six sales, so I had to enter six more items. :) If you are looking for vintage French books...I have a few left that I hadn't listed before my darling blogging buddy, Alisa, wiped me out earlier this morning. :) Thank you, Alisa. I got some vintage jewelry and pinking shears listed today. I'm really excited about the 100th item....a postcard set from the Musee de Versailles. I've got more to list in the coming days and actually need more photos of items...I thought that last batch was going to last me longer....it helps that my parents took the boys for a few hours yesterday and Clark was home today. It is amazing how much you can get listed when you are alone. :)


  1. Happy and healthy new year to you too, or did I already mention that? Well beter said twice than not at all. Live your dreams!

  2. Happy New Year! You got me I bought some Vintage French items as well.