04 January 2009

A Year of Color

I joined Kari's special year-long blog thing.....A Year of Color. You can read more about it on her blog, "Artsy Mama". I've always loved those kids' books where they have a page for each color and show items that share that color. I've got a set of German ones that I picked up when we lived in Augsburg. I thought it would be kind of neat and Julie Collings is the first guest artist. It's $12 for the whole year. She's selling it on her Etsy site. So if you like color and want to see some great eye candy and have a inspiration up the wahoo...go for it. I'm also thinking of doing one of Teresa's (Miss Bella herself) e-zines. She's got a new one and offering last year's again. Everyone says they are great.....I just worry that I won't be able to hang with the big girls. :) My Christmas present from Clark and the boys arrived over break...I ordered a bunch of stuff from Blueberrypie1 over at Etsy....she lives in Germany and has some beautiful things. I feel like embracing my girly side this year. We will have to see how far I get with that...being surrounded by males....hell, even Baccus is a male. Oy. I wrote out a small list of goals for this year and have promptly misplaced it. Figures. :) I tried out a clear stamp for the first time. I got some Martha Stewart ones on clearance this weekend. I had the mounting blocks for ones I got at Michaels. What fun! It is really nice being able to see where to place the stamp. Too cool. Well, I've got a stack of reading material to peruse. Valentine's inspiration awaits. :)

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