19 January 2009

Yes, Dad...I watched the game!

Steelers are going to the SuperBowl in Tampa!!!!! I love watching Pittsburgh teams play, but it also makes me really anxious and it ruins it at times. :) On the crafting front.....I found matchboxes. I was worried after hitting the PX and they didn't have any matches. The had two sizes at the Commissary...teeny tiny and different from what Heather got...I emailed my partners and Heather to see if they were okay (not the teeny tiny) and got the okay. Huge sigh of relief...my only other option was to go off post and being a huge chicken shit---I'm not ready to do that yet. :) Now I can start of decorating those...okay, maybe tomorrow...when the boys are back in school. My brother and his roommate are going to the Inaguration tomorrow....Dad got tickets from his Senator and they said it was okay for Donnie to use them. He's pretty excited. Billy and I already started the confetti producing in honor of the Steelers win.....I used one of my Martha punches on all the Sunday paper ads and threw them at him...he loved it. The livingroom is crazy messy, but it was so worth it. We shall be playing with said paper scraps again today. They are bigger than normal confetti and can be recycled. Even Jr came out and played with us for a little bit. Well, the laundry is calling and won't shut up. :)


  1. over in etsy I saw the cutest match box thing - where the lady had made mini signs to go in - like banners! Like "be mine" or such. so cute!

    YofC Kathy!

  2. Have a terrific Super Bowl time! We are passionate about MU football so, I get your love for your team! Happy New Year!!!!!Kara