14 January 2009

Swap partners

I got four of them today. :) Three are in my group for Speckled-Egg's "Petite Inspiration Box Swap". Two of them have blogs (Fanny @ www.fairbanksfancygoods.com/ and Leslie @ www.junkgirl-studio.blogspot.com/ ) and Angie does not (that I know of). I, also, got my partner for the "Year of Color- For All I Love Swap"- Kathy of Buryd Treasure Studio (www.blog.buryd-treasure-studio.com/ ). I can't wait to learn more about these ladies, so that I can make really good swap packages for them. Let's see...when I haven't been lazy and watched loads of tv (I was bad and watched that Bret Michael's show on VH1- skanky ho alert)....I did make some more tiny flowers from headpins and sequins. I had to stop for two reasons....Clark called and Billy woke up. That was yesterday morning.....after I decided to change up my store sections. It was on a dare....no joking with Pops anymore. I think of it as more male-friendly now. Or more smart-ass friendly. :) No, crafting has been done today. I just cannot seem to get motivated....in a small funk...this to shall pass. I hope. :) I guess the big one is hungry and I should feed him....as if he hasn't already eaten something since he got home..oy...bottomless pit. :) Now if I could get the wee one to eat....all would be right in the world. Disclaimer: Before my Mother totally freaks and thinks I'm starving her grandchildren....they get fed more than me.....Billy is just in one of his picky phases...it's okay, Mom..really. :)

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