12 January 2009

A hard decision

I just decided to part ways with the Etsy Homefront Team. We had a chat thing in the lab tonight and I just didn't feel at home. So now I get to remove the tag from 81 listings...oy. :) It feels right. Most of the members sell handmade things and seeing as I sell mostly vintage/supplies...wasn't the best fit. I'll have to find other ways to spread the word about my shop. :) I was wiped out most of the weekend from that walk to the PX. That's so bad. Billy was really good at the commissary yesterday, so I let him pick out a thing of M&Ms. I got up the nerve to ask the lady in the deli department for the empty cheese things....the ones that wedges of Brie come in. I thought the round wooden bottoms might be good for something. I got four of them. The paper tops will come in handy as well....kind of a cardboard. I smelled like cheese a little bit this morning as I pulled staples out to remove the tops and bottoms from the sides. I spent most of the weekend painting canvases with base coats. I had all my nice acrylic paints I never used at SB and thought what the heck. Today, I potato stamped three little ones with ice cream cones and double scoops of ice cream....kind of cute. As soon as Dr. Donnie sends the camera...I'll take a picture. I painted two little wooden house shadowboxes as well. Things will be prepped for when I want to create with them later....it's all the little stuff that keeps me from getting started on things. I'm taking advantage of this TDY. :) I signed up for two more swaps...one on "The Year of Color" blog and Speckled Egg's newest swap (on the sidebar). I can't wait to find out who my partners are.....that way I can read their blogs and to create new things. :) I still haven't decided on how to send my charms in. Argh. Oh well....I need to give my brain a rest for the evening.