02 February 2009

I'm still here

Clark came home Thursday afternoon and had Friday through today off. We went thrift shopping on Friday (we actually hit a new one and I think it is my new favorite in the Columbus area). On Saturday, Clark and Jr clipped Baccus' nails, fixed up his area and cleaned up the backyard. Afterwards, they went with Billy and I to the post office and we all went out and about. We went to B&N, Jo-Ann's, Steak'n'Shake, Target and the PX. We all were exhausted. Yesterday, was commissary detail and the SuperBowl (plus, the "House" marathon in the morning...I now love that show). Steelers won and now have 6 SuperBowl trophies!!!!! I stayed up long enough to see them present the Lombardi trophy to Dan Rooney. We went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels today in search of all things crafty. Clark even found something to work on. :) I got most of my swaps out in the mail on Saturday and I have pictures....just not downloaded onto my computer. I have one more to get out and was packing it and realized I forgot to finish one of the items....argh. I've got to start making a pile of new items to photograph and list for the shop...hopefully, by the end of the week that will be accomplished. I haven't listed anything new in a month....that's pretty bad. :) I've got all sorts of crazy stuff to list. I love that I can add whatever floats my boat. I must admit...I have had a lot of fun just creating and not worrrying too much about the shop. But I do love my shop and it has been neglected. New old things soon...not to fear. Not tonight though.....Chuck is coming on and it's in 3-D....we've got our glasses. :)

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  1. These are lovely,Wanda! You inspire me to swap more. I think you need a tree branch to hang all your lovelies on! Kara