13 February 2009

Bushfire Appeal Auction

I was just bouncing around blogland. I made a stop to Australia and saw that Natasha is trying to raise money for the Red Cross back in Victoria (her home state). That is where some wicked nasty wildfires are going on. She has three lovely items for you to bid on....in three sperate blog posts. The first item up for bid (I was tempted to use her pictures, but I didn't) is a picture painted by her son, Leroy. You all know you love artwork done by children. The second item up for bids is a mixed media piece by Natasha...it is one of her gowns. I know you Bellas out there all love her gowns...why else would we all shell out the bucks for her lovely tshirts. Last, but not least.....is an original painting- Rose Wreath with crystals. So go help out our Allies who have helped us out for so long. :)


  1. Thanks for the heads up Wanda.

  2. Thanks for the email! I stopped by and placed a bid on a couple of items!