22 February 2009

Business or pleasure

It was a little of both. We went up to Birmingham for the day. It was part business trip (okay, mostly business...looking for stock for the store), but we threw in a little pleasure (favorite restaurant in the States). The boys allowed me to hit one library book sale (I love this sale and have gone to it before...but they did raise their prices....bummer) and two thrift stores. I'm getting much better at focusing on what I think I will need for the store. I was good at the library book sale and only shopped for the store. The lady who checked me out..thought I taught languages to children.....I sheepishly told her I had a store and crafty friends who like language books for crafts.....you never know how people will respond.....she was so excited and happy to know they would get a new life. How cool is that? After business shopping, we went up to the Summit (our old stomping grounds...it was a less than a 5 minute drive from our old house) and walked around. We were trying to waste time....I had called an old neighbor to see if she was free for the day...she wasn't until five pm. We went down to the best restuarant in Alabama.....The Olive Branch...it's worth the drive for their gyros....okay, it's worth the drive for just about the whole menu. I told the owner we would be back someday...it took us almost a whole year. They thanked us as we were leaving....we ordered food to take back with us....probably the best table they had last night. :) Susan met us there as we were finishing up and we went back to our old house to check on my roses (yes, I still consider them mine). The people who got the house after us....we hadn't met them, but we did help get them the house after we left. They have twins and one is autistic....so we really wanted them to get the house. It is right up the street from the school and that school rocks. I digress.....the roses seem to be doing well...it was dark. We went and surprised our old next-door neighbors and another family we knew down the street. It was fun. It was a nice day. I think next time I get a wild hair up my bum...I should plan it out a tad bit better. :) Well, today will be laundry, grocery shopping, and photographing all the new goodies for the shop....oh, and eating gyros and baklava (did you not think I didn't get dessert...are your crazy???).


  1. Mmm I get hungry reading your post...don't do that too much Wanda! You had a great day! And I have to check your shop again one of these days. What about your camera? I think it's lonely. I can hear it scream: Wanda, Wanda please, give me some attention, please! Mmmm you'd better not make photos of food though, it is worse enough to read about it the way you write! Enjoy your Sunday, your gyros (we ate that yesterday too!) and your baklava!

  2. Sounds like you had a good day! I keep checking your shop for new things, so get busy there and update it!! I always preface getting old books that these will have a new home but will be torn up and if that upsets them, I won't buy them. I literally pull my books apart and then I have what I want when I need it. I will say, no one has minded that I'm going to tear the book up. HA!