12 February 2009

I think I jinxed myself

That's what I get for being so excited about Monday. :) Not a single sale since then....oy. That's okay..because I'm still floating on air. I can't wait for the weekend...so I can go do some more treasure hunting. Clark will be thrilled to pieces. :) I do have some other things here at the house that need to be photographed....I just need to think of how best to do those items...pricing and lengths and such. I think it will need a section all it's own...crazy amount. You all have no idea. I had no idea. Eek....is an under statement. It does mean I can offer said goods at really good prices. I just hope that all you crafty ladies out there can come up with new uses for it. I don't know if you can use it in paper arts/mixed media/altered art or not....or if you would want to. It is textile related. I took a huge leap of faith when I purchased the box lot. There are two boxes (packed) of normal stuff, but the rest (three packed boxes) is for the making of unmentionables. It is high-quality...beautiful and soft and not at all what you'd get at your local Walmart or Target. It all came from an estate sale of a fashion designer...I just didn't realize they made unmentionables. :) It figures....this is me. It is amazing stuff though.....so start thinking of new ways to use lingerie lace. Oy vey. I definitely got my money's worth. I wonder if I sent a box of samples to Jenny Doh if they could make a challenge out of it. :) I'd love to see what the Bonnes Vivantes could come up with. Heck, why don't we have a challenge here. If you'd like a sample of my new goods to play with....leave a comment or email me (I'll need an address at some point) and I'll send an assortment of the lingerie lace. I'd love to see what you all could do with it. I'm throwing down the gauntlet. :)


  1. Hmm - if you are talking high quality fabrics and trims like I think you are - use the words crazy quilting (CQ) in your description. Hopefully that will attract the CQers out there!
    Thats the beauty of CQ work - a little of something goes a long way - I have huge boxes of different fabric types in the guest room for the NON COTTONS.


  2. Who could resist this offer? Is it open for internationals? (yes, yes please???). No kidding, only if it doesn't cost you the world Wanda. You have been kind enough to me already. Have a great (selling and photographing(!) weekend!

  3. Okay, so my first thought was, "Ewww!" Then I realized it said "for the making of..."

    I'm in.