28 February 2009

Crazy, long day

I slept in and got a late start....but that is not what made it crazy. It took me hours to get all my sales/swaps/gifts/etc; wrapped and packed today. I couldn't believe how long it took me. I mailed eighteen packages today. Oy. While I was packing said items...it started raining. The heavens opened up and poured forth. It was nuts...tornado sirens and emergency vehicle sounds abounded. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to mail anything today. I finally got everything packed around 11:30, had a quick lunch of re-heated spaghetti, showered and we got out the door after 12:30. I was pushing it today. I lucked out and there wasn't a line at the Post Office.....according to the ladies there...everyone mailed their stuff during the crazy storm. We went to Staples, B&N, Toys'R'Us, and Target after that. Oy. I was watching VH-1 for a little bit- Black to the Future...we caught part of the 70s, all of the 80s and I watched a little of the 90s. Funny stuff. Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow.....I want to pull out a few more items for the shop. I figure I should probably do at least a small update once a week. I have the goods....that isn't the issue. It's picking what to put out and pricing it. Eek. I might attempt to dye some cloth tomorrow. I bought dye the other day. I've got a lot of cutters that I've picked up at sales and with the big stitching kick everyone is on.....I'm thinking of cutting some of them up into more managable pieces and bundling them up. I thought of dying some of them. What do you think?? Would that be something you would be interested in? Any size or color preferences?? I'm always trying to come up with new things for the shop.