09 February 2009

Not a bad weekend

I got a couple of swap boxes filled with all kinds of neat stuff. No photos yet, I was busy getting things together for a shop update. I started listing items this morning and will do more as the day goes on. Billy is sick, so I'll have to take breaks from the computer to check on him from time to time. :) Saturday, I left everyone here and ran errands on post by myself. The post thrift shop was open and I found a treasure or two for Jr....a Statue of Liberty (to go with all the other tourist souvenirs in his collection) and a Playmobil pirate ship. Billy even went and played with it. :) We went out and about a little later in the afternoon. Then Clark and Jr took Baccus on another adventure...they came back wet and with scratches. Yesterday, we all went to the PX and Commissary together. The PX was a madhouse. The commisssary was okay until we tried to get to the checkout line.....they had just announced boxes of frozen Tyson whole chickens for crazy cheap prices (I'm assuming...I didn't quite here how much they were, but the crowd was proof that it was a good deal) and it was right by the lines....argh. Back to the shop update...right now I have 19 different trim packs listed and a slew of new vintage foreign language books. I've branched out a little from just French. :) I've got a crazy assortment of things to list later...very eclectic. That sounds so much better than weird ass shit, now doesn't it?

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