16 February 2009

Spreading the love

That is what the wee one did...big brother is sick and Mommy is getting sick. Argh. But he is feeling much better.....Mucinex did wonders. He's still a little tired (crazy... seeing as he slept for over twelve hours last night). We had a pretty laid back weekend. I went to the commissary by myself yesterday.....damn, buying food for three males is nuts....whoops....four males...the dog did pretty good , too. :) The baggers thought the chips and ice cream were for me....hah....that's some funny shit. We all slept in this morning. Clark and Jr cleaned up the carport a little. I didn't do much of anything. We did just get back from Walmart...now I remember why I hate going. There are at least three in the area and they are all laid out differently. Blah. It's always packed and they never have enough cashiers on duty. On the plus side, they have a huge assortment of everything. I decided to get rubbermaid contianers for the new lace stash...it's a pain digging throught the cardboard boxes. The largest box is about to die. As soon as I can get it organized, I can figure out what to start selling and get it photographed and listed. That is my goal this week. I still need to get pictures of all my swap goodies I've received. Well, "Chuck" is going to come on soon....I want to change into my jammies. That is another reason I named my blog/shop what I did...I am a pajama whore. No nightshirts or skimpy lingerie....I like my legs covered. :) Too much information, I know. :)


  1. Wanda, you are too funny! I hope you are feeling better!!

  2. Walmart is Hell... I'm sure of it.

    I received my bits of unmentionables. Thank you so much! Now the brainstorming begins.