01 December 2008

Our puppy is home!!

Okay, he's not really a puppy anymore..he is 14 months old. We got him a new kennel thing to sleep in....his other one was kind of small. I washed his favorite blanket and had it ready for him and what does he do...he escapes from his collar in the parking lot. Poor Clark had to chase him down.....he's sick and you could tell it hurt. I got three loads of laundry washed and two thirds of it folded. I've still got a small hill to do....blah. We got last week's mail today...that is a really nifty service the USPS offers...mail holding...it was really easy....did it over the internet. I've got a stack of magazines to go through. The boys had a good day at school....the bus was early for Billy today....I didn't mind...it was chilly outside. I got a Fed-Ex bill.....I was wondering why no charges had popped up from SB....not bad...$27.24 for two boxes using the express three day service (EDIT: That was for one box...I just got the bill for the other box for a grand total of $89.33 for the two boxes...still better than what happened to the other girls). They were not light boxes. I got through part of the last one today. I've got an idea of how to sell the rejects. I'm thinking a grab bag sort of thing...I've got leftover bags in different sizes......you'd get so much trim yardage, assorted ephemera, and other items that I can't easily list on Etsy. It would be totally random and you wouldn't really know what you get until it arrives. What do you think?? If it is a stupid idea, let me know...before I try it. :) I just want to go to bed right now....I wonder if I can talk everyone else into hitting the sack a little early tonight. It can't hurt.