30 December 2008

I owe you pictures of a few things

Here is the bag I made in my Prada Schmada class. If you go over to Charlotte's blog (House Wren Studio) you can see the back of the bag.
This is the little house I made in Charlotte's other class.....I had her two classes in a row. :)

Here are the tiny PS bags I made for teachers and bus ladies (aide and driver).
Well, the boys came home yesterday. I can't stop squishing Billy. I'm glad they are home. Let's see what did I do before they got home....I worked on my charms for the Romancing the Charm swap. I really like the direction they are going in.....I've got to finish one element to them and attach both pieces to a jump ring and they will be complete. I've just got to come up with some cute packaging. Clark and I hit the PX....I swear everyplace here in Fort Benning/Columbus ha sbeen picked over by the vultures.....who needs all that crap?? Even if I needed anything, there wasn't anything to get. It was the same everywhere we went this weekend. Crazy shit. I guess since it was clearance...everyone thought they needed it. I wonder how much of that stuff will end up in the landfills and thrift stores. I updated the shop with a few things......I'm spacing them out. :) I've got loads of books, but I need to get the info off of them for the descriptions. My brother offered to send me his old digital camera....that will be cool. I can learn to take my own pictures, so when Clark isn't around I can do it myself. Woohoo...happy day....it was the sweetest gesture. I love my little brother. Don't worry, Winnie, you will always be my favorite sibling. :) I have no clue what is in store for today....totally up to my parents. :)

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