17 December 2008

Facebook and I've been gettin' my craft on

I joined facebook the other day...oy. That is some crazy shit. I did lurk around and peeked to see who all was on it that I knew from HS.....so never want to re-live any of that. Man, it is a big time waster....even more than blog hopping. :) In between all of that I've been playing Martha. I have gifts for teachers to make and gifts for troops to make. My deadline for the troops moved up to tomorrow.....then why am I in here and not crafting....no real excuse....I had to come in here for more embellishments and decided to check my email. I decided to make little "Charlotte" houses based on the ones I made in her class at SB. The teachers are getting scaled down versions of the Prada Schmada bags. :) It's a Charlotte Christmas. I hope to finish them tonight and have Clark take a picture of all 18 of them. I'll work on finishing the bags tomorrow...houses first. :) I did set up the Xmas tree on the porch and it's all decorated. No lights.....I like no lights on trees....quirky that way. Well, back to the crafting. :)


  1. Oy, in deed. I just recently signed up on Facebook (EVERYONE in my family had a page...even my MOTHER!!! LOL!) and I agree...SO easy to get sucked in!

    BTW, I just confirmed you as my friend. :-)

  2. Wanda,

    I just changed my comments section, I had went with the default initially. See if you approve...

    Love, Me