22 December 2008


My parents arrived yesterday. We went over to their hotel for a little bit and then headed out for dinner. Wendy...I know where to take you if you ever visit. The Hong Kong Buffet in Columbus. It was excellent.....great selection of food and the price wasn't bad (I peeked at the bill....thanks, Pops). I was so proud of Jr....he tried everything from lychee fruit to french-fried frog legs (thanks to his Dad). He didn't mind the squid or crab...loved the lychee fruit and went back for more. Billy was very well behaved...granted he got multiple trips to see the water feature/fish. I was a disappointment to my folks.....I just cannot stuff myself silly....at least not to their standards. :) Another reason why they love Clark more than me. Billy got brain freeze due to the ice cream....too funny....best face ever. I don't know what everyone has planned for today.....I know we need to hit the commissary (supplies are getting really low) and there is more Xmas shopping to do. My Dad and I are hoping to slip away and hit some thrift stores. I know...like I need more merchandise....what I really need is to get what I have photographed and listed. I am so bad. I'm planning on doing it when they steal the children after Christmas. I'm going to get loads of things photographed before Clark goes on TDY in January.....he'll be taking his camera with him. So you have lots of new cheap goods to look forward to in the New Year. :) I guess I should shower and such before my parents get here and start ripping on me for being lazy. :)

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  1. You made me hungry.....it all sounded so good. Enjoy your family over the holidays.....we will be traveling. I'll be doing a giveaway in the next week--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!