29 December 2008

Little Houses

These are the little houses I made for Clark's soldiers.

Clark's camera battery died before he could take a picture of the bags....he took a butt load of pictures for the shop for me last night. :) The boys are coming home tonight....woohoo...I missed them. The house is really quiet without them. Let's see....Saturday....we vegged until around 1-1:30 pm and I just couldn't take it anymore, so we got ready and went out and about. We hit the local mall for the first (and last) time....I'm just not much of a mall person. We did get some pretzel sticks from Auntie Anne. We went to Michael's next....see what was left after the vultures had been through.....that is how badly picked over it was.....at least in Birmingham there was still a decent selection of clearance items a week after the holdiay....not here....it was pretty wiped out before Christmas. Oy. They are supposed to have a 70% clearance event this week...on what??? Barnes & Noble was next on the list.....Clark got a DVD set ofa show with a Mom with a mouth like mine....actually, she makes me look like an angel. :) I got many a clearance calendar....60%...I love my B&N membership card....10% off is better than nothing. I get my $25 worth every year. :) Clark decided to take me out to dinner, so we went to Red Lobster. There was a little girl there with a tulle confection of a skirt on....pink and black...too cute. I had the Atlantic Salmon-wood grilled....it was really good. Clark had some kind of pasta with crab in it. Not a bad day. Yesterday.....more vegging, a trip to the commissary, shop picture taking, more vegging. I'm glad the boys will be back tonight.....I'm not a big vegetable. :) I didn't get much accomplished on the cleaning up front, but it was nice weekend.


  1. I love those houses! What a great idea....I am sure the soldiers who receive them will love them. I didn't think I'd be on the internet with being on vacation, but I can't stay away. Please go to my blog for a giveaway. I am watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off in french--that is a hint. Happy New Year!

  2. just wanted to wish you a very happy New Year Wanda! xox natalea

  3. Those little houses are awesome!