08 December 2008

Shop Update- Take Two

These are Xmas craft packs.
This is the large Bella Grab bag.

This is the small chocolate box full of treasures.

Vintage matchboxes...each has been emptied of matches and tag kits put in their place.

This is the small Bella grab bag.

This is the large chocolate box.

I've got four of these pink vintage birds left.
A lot of these things are from Silver Bella (except the Xmas craft packs). I still have other things left over from Silver Bella that I have to work on tweaking for Etsy. :) Go shop!


  1. Cool on the 100th post and congrats! Love your Etsy stuff, too cute!


  2. Lovin' all this stuff that you are putting up on Etsy!! You also won the Saturday drawing on my blog!! Yeah for you...go check out if you want the Silver Bella inspired grab bag or the ornament for the day! Your choice!!

  3. Wow! The 100th post milestone. Go Wanda!
    Sorry I have been MIA. Tuesday will have me finishing up the semester which has been brutal.
    I hope your holiday prep is merry and bright.

  4. You are the package queen. So much yummy stuff. I don't know how you do it all. Happy Holidays Wanda! Kara