19 December 2008

18 houses and 6 bitty bags

All done and are with their new owners...whew....oy...crafting takes it out of you. In a good way, of course. :) I actually made 8 bags...I've got two left...they came in packs of four. I'll have pictures up this weekend hopefully. Clark has had a rough week...they had a 12-mile "nature walk" on Thursday morning and he's still bushed. I have to tell you....I am in love with potato stamping now.....I had so much fun making the mini-prada schamada bags. I'll have to get a picture of my bag I did in class....I finished it a few weeks ago. I love potato stamping so much that I even made tiny little tags for the bags with the same pattern. I probably should have been cleaning up my house....we still have unpacked boxes (she says sheepishly). I did start on the kitchen today and cleaned up the counters. I re-arranged things....much better now. The rest of the house sucks....just forewarning my parents. I have a few goals for next year...finish unpacking/cleaning up the house, make more crafty items, and working on improving my Etsy store. I've got all the packages from the giveaway ready to go tomorrow......except Elizabeth's....I still need an address, please? I hope you all enjoy your goodies. I had fun putting something together for you all. I should of just gave you extras from Silver Bella...darn it. :) My sister has a new blog.....it's on the side bar... "The Life and Times of Wendy Hue"...finally....now everyone can leave her bitchy comments. :) Maybe she can host a swap...she does have a thing for ATCs. I convinced her to branch out and join the charm swap...there are only 13 of us that I know of...I bet Trish would still let you join....it's a Valentine's charm sawp...you know you want to try it. :) I'll quit while I'm ahead.


  1. I love reading your blog! You always make me smile, and sometimes even laugh out loud! Not easily done, you know! Merry Christmas, Susan.

  2. I can't wait to see your potato stamping!

  3. Wanda!
    Christmas has come early! You won my Friday Freebie.
    I'll send you an email too.


  4. Got my booby prizes. They are so wonderful....that was really sweet of you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas...and I want to see your mini Prada Schmadas. I need to make some more and like the mini idea.