27 December 2008

My children left me

My parents took them to Florida yesterday and they should be at the Magic Kingdom right now. :) I do wish I could see Billy's reaction. They promised to take lots of pictures. Jr has already been to one of the Disney theme parks...he's been to EuroDisney twice. :) Happy memories (except where the Frenchman made me cry when he said my big ass pregnant self couldn't go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride....ridiculous.....they let me on the Peter Pan ride where the damn bar wouldn't fit over my belly, but I couldn't go on this one due to a tiny ass bump..bah.) SO Clark and I decided to head into Opelika and hit the thrift stores and antique/flea mall. I found a few things at the thrift stores, but hit the jackpot at the a/f mall. :) I got some really great new stuff for the store. Happy day. We ate at a Waffle House afterwards and then came home and watched "Law and Order", "Wife Swap" and "Super Nanny" re-runs. No grand plans for today....play it by ear. I hope you got some great bargains in your after-Xmas shopping. Please, I know you all went out and about.....us crafty gals are also cheap bitches. :)


  1. Believe it or not, I've managed to NOT leave the house since the 23rd. I think today will end my hermit time though. It was nice while it lasted.

  2. I never left the house looking for bargains. I wanted so badly to go to Hobby Lobby but didn't feel like I needed to spend the money. I remember going to Cedar Park when I was pregnant and not being able to ride some of the rides because of my belly. Not fun either!