30 November 2008

We're Back!!!

We got home around 3:30 p.m. today.....it would have been earlier, but those damn Hokies fans held up traffic in VA yesterday. We didn't get as far as we had hoped on Saturday, but the hotel room was really nice....Holiday Inn Express in Hillsville, VA. It was nice to visit with family, but I'm glad to be home. We pick up Baccus from the kennel tomorrow.....Clark misses his dog. We had to hit the commissary this evening....oy...spent a butt load...most of it was replenishment of things we let lapse because of our trip. I've reopened the store...finally...I know. Since I only mail on Saturdays.....I didn't want people to have to wait weeks for their purchases. I'm home now...shop to your heart's content and mine. :) I'm hoping to list new things and SB rejects this week. I've just got to finish unpacking my SB box.....I got one done before we left. I only got to hit two thrift stores in MD...blah and they both kind of sucked. Wendy and I got our craft on Friday night....we both hit a creative block about the same time...12:45-ish and packed it in a little after 1:00 am. We started little board books...something new to both of us. She is making hers into a picture album. I am just putting nifty things in mine...lots of vintage lace pieces. I didn't bring a lot of ephemera....stupid on my part...I did have one piece in the bottom of my Scotty Dog suitcase from SB. It looks perfect in the little book...it's a menu card...perfect for me...I do love food. :) I think I'll go have some coffee, snuggle under some blankets and veg out in front of the tv with two Sunday papers....I love Sunday papers.....I got two last weekend and two this weekend....bite me, Tom (brother-in-law who made fun of my papers, but took them to burn in the fire place...I heated your damn house for the week).

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  1. Hey Wanda... thanks for dropping by my blog. And I have glitter in places that I can't even imagine how it got there. Just let me tell you I'm sparkling.

    Hope you hade a wonderful Turkey Day... but it's always nice to get home.

    Take care... can you believe tomorrow is December 1st????